Teaching Assistant and Instructional Assistant Resources

This page presents forms, websites, and contact information necessary for TAs and IAs.

Assistant-Instructor Agreement Form

The Assistant-Instructor Agreement Form is due at the end of the second week of classes, each time that a graduate student is assigned to be a TA or IA.


Graduate students who are assigned to an Instructional Assistant (IA) position must submit hours every two weeks.

Important Contact Information

  • Jeffrey Bardzell - Assigned Course Questions (e.g. Course timing issues)
  • Sharon Lazarow - Work Assignment Questions (e.g. Number of hours, pay)
  • Jeannette Macaluso - HR Inquiries and Workday Questions (e.g. W-4, I-9, automatic deposit, payroll questions, etc.)
  • IST Learning Design - Canvas Questions (e.g. Set up teams, export grades to Excel, etc.)
  • TechTutors - Instructional Technology Support (e.g. Classroom podium, Office 365, Voicethread, Top Hat, etc.)
  • Jenna Hart - Registration for IST 602 (e.g. How to get registered or exempted)
  • Course Instructor - IST 602 Assignments and Projects (e.g. Grades, assignment clarification)