Teaching Assistants

The College of IST pairs graduate students, who are chosen to fulfill a course assistant role, with faculty members whose courses are awarded instructional support. More commonly referred to as Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Instructional Assistants (IAs), these doctoral and master’s students, respectively, assist instructors in delivering and facilitating engaging courses. The links below provide information on how to work with a TA or IA, how to become a course assistant, and additional resources for current TAs and IAs.

TA-Student Guide

Learn how to maximize your learning with help from graduate Teaching Assistants and Instructional Assistants in your IST courses.

TA & IA Job Description

Interested in a graduate program in IST? Find more information about classroom assistantships and funding here.

TA & IA Applications

Students who have been accepted into a graduate program in IST (both PhD and MS) can express interest in teaching and instructional assistantships here.

TA & IA Resources

Discover helpful links, forms, process tutorials, and other important information for current TAs and IAs.