LA Resources

Administrative Resources

See below for information on LA administrative tasks, payroll links, and important contact information.

Enter your hours in Workday. This short video will walk you through the steps to submit your time. For more details, visit the IST Human Resources Information page. Scroll down to "Part-Time Employees" for information on onboarding, timekeeping, and more. 

Check pay period start and end dates on the 2022-2023 Payroll Schedule

Important Reference Documents 

  • Sharon Lazarow
    • Your Scheduled LA Assignment (e.g. Number of hours, pay)
    • Registration for IST 389 (e.g. registration questions)
  • Sneha Prem Chandran or Casey Sharpe
    • LA Program Responsibilities (e.g. Concerns, Absence notifications, LA forms)
    • Assignments for IST 389 (e.g. Grades, Gradebook errors)
  • Erica Fleming - Course Content in IST 389 (e.g. Coaching, Grading, Teaming, Learning)
  • Jeannette Macaluso - HR Inquiries and Workday Questions (e.g. W-4, I-9, automatic deposit, payroll questions, etc.)
  • IST Learning Design - Canvas Questions (e.g. Set up teams, export grades to Excel, etc.)
  • TechTutors - Instructional Technology Support (e.g. Classroom podium, Office 365, Voicethread, Top Hat, etc.)

Instructional Resources

In order to assist in your success as an LA, see the resources below.

  • Share your preferred name and pronouns with the students in your course an include them in your email signature.
  • Introduce yourself when interacting with students through discussion forums, email, or other chat tools.
  • Post an introductory video in Canvas at the beginning of the semester to help students get to know you and understand your role in the class.
  • If using Zoom, turn your camera on and microphone on when engaging with students whenever possible.
  • Check-in with students regularly in-person or online to maintain student engagement and create a sense of community.
  • Address students by name to help establish a sense of belonging and community. This will also help you better facilitate discussion.
  • Have an up-to-date profile picture of yourself on your Canvas profile and Outlook email account.
  • Take notes on specific issues, students, or things that occurred to look back on in preparation for the next class.
  • When possible, come to class early and remain after class to address students’ questions/concerns.
  • Help students stay on top of course materials and assignments by sending emails or post announcements on Canvas.
  • Use wait-time consistently and avoid jumping in too quickly when there is prolonged silence.
  • Smile and nod to indicate you are listening and paying attention.
  • In a class with multiple LAs, split up the class during discussions to ensure each student gets as much LA interaction as possible.
  • Host office hours at “alternative times” to best meet student needs (i.e. weekends, earlier for international students, after class).
  • Office hours can either be Q&A style, review of a specific topic/skill, or have a prepared topic or question.
  • Make sure students know what to expect when they attend.
  • Send a reminder or announcement via Canvas or email before office hours begin, even if it is recurring, to remind students periodically of the time and location.
  • Schedule more frequent, shorter office hours to accommodate students’ schedules.
  • Solicit the best days/times for office hours from your students.