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Photo of Neha Addanki

Neha Addanki

  • Human-Centered Design and Development

Neha Addanki is a third-year student from Fairfax, Virginia. She is majoring in Human-Centered Design and Development with a focus in Computer Science and minoring in Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, hiking, and baking!

Photo of James Aebli

James Aebli

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

James Aebli is a Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major with a focus in Geopolitics and a
Security Risk Analysis minor who expects to graduate in May 2024. He is originally from
Scranton, Pennsylvania. Along with his schoolwork, James is involved with intramural flag
football and is a member of the Bodybuilding and Fitness club. In his free time, James enjoys
exercising, reading, spending time outdoors, and listening to music.

Mohammed Al Amri

Mohammed Al Amri

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Al Mukhaiti-Hamed

Hamed Al Mukhaiti

  • AlMukhaiti-Hamed

Hamed Mohamed Al Mukhaiti is a Cybersecuirty Analytics and Operations major focused on Political Economics who expects to graduate in May 2023. He is originally from United Arab Emirates.

Photo of Jonah Albert

Jonah Albert

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Jonah Albert, class of 2023, is a Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major, with a focus on cyber forensics and machine learning. Aside from school, Jonah spends most of his time taking photos and programming. He is an active member within THON, the Competitive Cybersecurity Organization, the Navigators, and the Red Cell Analytics Lab.


Salman Almutairi

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Salman Almutairi is a Cybersecurity major who expects to graduate in May 2025. He is originally from Kuwait, a small country in the Middle East. In his free time he likes to lift heavy weights and spend time with his friends.

Photo of Kaden Anderson

Kaden Anderson

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Kaden is a sophomore from Bedford, PA. He is majoring in Cybersecurity with a focus in Geopolitics. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, watch sports, and play video games.


Graci Badami

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Graci Badami is a Cybersecurity major with a Law and Policy Application Focus expecting to graduate in May 2026. She is originally from St.Louis, Missouri. In addition to the LA program, Graci is involved in Club Gymnastics and is a member of WIST and CCSO. Outside of Penn State, Graci enjoys binging marvel movies and comedy specials and spending time with friends. 


Manuel Badel

  • Information Sciences and Technology

Manuel Badel is an IST major who expects to graduate by 2026. He is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. Manuel is involved in PAWS and SEAC. In his free time, he likes to play sports, spend time with friends, and binge-watch shows.


Anatoli Bahdankevich

  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Anatoli Bahdankevich is a Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major who expects to graduate in May 2025. He is originally from Minsk, Belarus, and is now resident in Furlong, Pennsylvania. In addition to his schoolwork, Anatoli participates in multiple clubs and does not miss an opportunity to be an active member of the Penn State community. Most of his free time he likes to spend outside, playing sports like basketball and soccer, or enjoying nature while fishing and hiking.